ouray mountain sportsWe are an expert at matching gear to a person’s particular needs. Climbing equipment has become so specialized and technical that matching tools to a person goes beyond size or color, or a review in a magazine. Intimate familiarity with the pros and cons of each product helps us guide our customers’ selections.

At Ouray Mountain Sports, we choose what to sell based on our years of climbing and outdoor experience, not based on what is fashionable. We use, test, and evaluate everything we sell, and also listen closely to local guides and expert alpinists for their feedback. We stock equipment that is both on the cutting edge of design, and gear that has stood the test of time.

Ouray Mountain Sports serves as a nexus for alpinism in South West Colorado. We frequently have the most recent information about climbs in the region, or we know who to call for it. We carry guide books for local climbing and hiking trails as well as other areas through out the states.

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Locally Owned and Operated

Bill Leo has owned Ouray Mountain Sports since 1995, and was the President of the Ouray Ice Park for 4 years. He has been climbing, back country skiing, river guiding, as well as a dedicated outdoor professional in Southwest Colorado for twenty-five years.

Bill has an intimate familiarity with local and regional routes and conditions. He founded a back country ski hut system near Purgatory, CO, and is the former owner of Unordinary Adventures, a back country ski guiding company. He has made un repeated first ascents and first descents on skis and by kayak around the region, and formerly worked as a Hollywood stuntman. Thankfully, he has mellowed with time. He mixes his low-key style with climbing expertise and a deep understanding of the region’s alpine challenges to bring a personal touch not found in big city mountain shops.